Audio Pronunciation Guide

Common Name Tribes' Name for Themselves Audio by Tribal Member
Assiniboine Nakoda
Blackfeet Niitsitapi (Pikuni)
Chippewa (Ojibway) Annishinabe
Crow Apsaalooke
Gros Ventre A’aninin
Kootenai Ktunaxa
Little Shell Chippewa Annishinabe and Métis
Northern Cheyenne Tsetsêhesêstâhase/So’taahe
Pend d’Oreille Qíispé
Plains Cree Ne-i-yah-wahk
Salish Sélish
Sioux Dakota, Lakota

This is a simple guide to the written and spoken names Tribes in Montana call themselves.

Depending where you look – in books, websites, and maps – you will find tribal names spelled in a variety of ways. The spellings included here were provided by tribal educators and cultural representatives from each tribe as part of another project. The spoken versions have been gleaned from interviews and special requests for individuals to record the name in their own language for use in the Who’s Who activity now appearing on Montana Tribes.

This audio pronunciation guide is the result of those efforts and we hope you find it useful. Let us know if you have improvements to suggest.

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